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Pay Per Click

Google Adwords provide you a way to connect
with the people who are searching for what you’re
providing, and you only pay if they click.

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Customized Online Marketing for Your Business

At BlueStar we study everything to understand your business and goals. We relate all this to an online marketing plan. We’ll develop evidence-based local media plans that get you the most out of every advertising dollar you spend.


We do not create cookie cutter Campaigns. We target each location individually for the audience you want to meet.


Our services are competitively priced and cost effective, unlike other online marketing firms. We’re small but mighty. We specialize in driving local businesses to your website and have a proven process that’s not only more effective, but more cost efficient as well.

Experience & Expertise

BlueStar Group has been helping businesses market themselves online since 2002. We work with companies large and small, national and local, established as well as start-ups. We are Google Adwords experts and specialize in showing your measurable results. Whether it’s Seattle, Kirkland, Abuquerque or national, we know how to get your business discovered on the top pages of Google.

Connect Where it Counts

When consumers look for products and services, they use all kinds of online and offline resources like search engines and directories. Typically, these consumers are ready to buy, so it’s not enough just to be listed; your business needs to be found through the strategic use of paid search, search engine optimization and directory ads. Integrating and leveraging the strength of each helps you connect with consumers no matter how they’re searching.

Our Expertise

Search Strategy

No matter how consumers search, BlueStar Group can help you connect with them to grow your business. We can take basic search a step further and combine search efforts with listings management, Google Places and Google+, special offers and mobile to maximize returns.. We analyze local markets, understand business needs and develop campaigns that perform and exceed ROI goals.

Local Strategy

BlueStar Group is here to help you generate leads and grow your business store by store. We will work with you to discover the ins and outs of your local markets and develop an effective online listings strategy based on your ROI goals. Through years of experience and a dedicated team of employees and partners, we will set up, maintain and optimize your listings to better perform, while you see your leads grow.

National Stategy

We create localized campaign for your national brand.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords provide you a way to connect with the people who are searching for what you’re providing, and you only pay if they click. Google Adwords work very well for local products and services. In some cases they work extremely well for selling local products on a national basis.

Online Reputation

Poor reviews by customers can damage your business. All the years you have put into growing your business can be hurt with poor reviews in the various social online review sites. We can help you manage this review process and present a honest portrayal of your company online.

Mobile Focus

Over 55% of all Internet searches are now done by smartphones. With the increased sales of smartphones this percentage is increasing every year. Smartphone and mobile phone marketing are an integral part of the marketing mix.