Our Approach - BlueStar Group
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Our Approach

Customized Online Marketing Plan

Created for Your Business

No two companies market plans are exactly alike; each has its own unique twist based on the business owner’s personality and core competencies of the owners.

At BlueStar we study everything to understand your business and goals. We relate all this to an online marketing plan. We’ll develop evidence-based local media plans that get you the most out of every advertising dollar you spend.

Here’s how we work with clients:

  • Consultation

    At our expense we’ll discuss your current marketing plan, goals, and objectives on growth

  • Research

    We’ll research your market and develop plans for opportunities

  • Leverage

    We’ll leverage online marketing tools specific for your needs

  • Development

    We’ll develop a plan and budget to meet your objectives

  • Monitor

    We’ll monitor, test, and adapt based on online dynamic results

Your Budget and Investment

Many of our Marketing Plans can be initiated for under $1,000 to set up. We have affordable monthly marketing plans.

Measuring Success

With online marketing you have to see results.. Results are what matters! If it’s not increasing your sales or your company’s visibility, we won’t do it.